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Advantage EMR Lite

Advantage EMR Lite
Create complete and compliant SOAP notes in under a minute with Advantage EMR Lite. Using our flexible template approach, pop-up selections or simply typing free-hand will significantly increase your efficiency and compliance! Stop the tedious task of duplicating required SOAP information, such as copying past medical history into every note. Increase compliance by easily documenting all reviewed and examined systems. Protect your practice from unfair audits by insurance companies and reduce mal

  • Complete and compliant SOAP notes in under a minute with Advantage EMR Lite.
  • To record information, physicians can use point-and-click, selection lists and optional voice recognition technology.
  • Reuse existing information, such as allergies, past medical, surgical and family history, etc. from previous appointments.
  • Our SOAP note information and format often allows physicians to properly document the level of service they performed and charge for it i.e level 4 visits. This recovers otherwise lost revenue.
  • Quickly insert patient medication lists into notes from the integrated e-prescribing module.

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