ColorVision Spyder 2 Pro Win/Mac

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ColorVision Spyder 2 Pro Win/Mac

ColorVision Spyder 2 Pro  Win/Mac
Spyde2rPRO provides step-by-step monitor calibration for better control over your digital darkroom. Get precise, repeatable results in a few easy steps. Today, all creative professionals understand that the cornerstone of the digital darkroom is a calibrated monitor. Professional photographers, graphic designers, ad agencies, publishers, and advanced amateurs now realize that a color managed workflow begins with accurate, on-screen color. Wherever color is critical, so too is a calibrated monito

  • Balance your monitor’s RGB to produce the widest color gamut it’s capable of producing
  • ProfilerPRO has been upgraded to create incredibly good profiles with a new, convenient 125 patch calibration target
  • Select a target for gamma and color temperature, attach the Spyder to the face of your monitor and it calibrates to get the most from your monitor
  • For more advanced profile editing, DoctorPRO can be used to edit profiles with virtually all of the Adobe Photoshop global editing tools
  • Superior gray balance and tonal response

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