IK Multimedia ARC

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IK Multimedia ARC

IK Multimedia ARC
If you said yes, you’re either fooling yourself or just foolish. With the exception of a slim few multi-million dollar control rooms on Earth, no one can say yes with a straight face. Reflections, rooms dimensions, room modes – these are the enemy. Acoustic treatment is always key, but even with great treatment, there’s more to tuning your room. So how can you keep these funky frequency phenomena from fouling up your sound? Check out IK Multimedia’s ARC (Advanced Room Correction) software. This

  • The first and only room correction system in a plug-in for DAW-based studios
  • Includes a calibrated measurement microphone, measurement software and multi-platform correction plug-in
  • Improves clarity, stereo imaging and frequency response, for faster, more reliable mixing
  • Revolutionary Audyssey MultEQ technology
  • Step by step setup measurement wizard will have you up and running in minutes

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